This reduces, and can even stop the flow of oxygen carrying blood to the heart. Brunch Reception: It is one of the most cost-effective reception parties that can help you save a lot of money on food. But, before that you can go through some important tips on how to organize a successful dinner party. For example, use the leftover grilled chicken for chicken enchiladas the next day. Make a salmon sandwich with whole wheat bread, iceberg lettuce and little mayonnaise. If you require dinner ideas for two, then a good main course with a salad and an elegant dessert should be sufficient. Coffee, milk, soda, and alcohol. Moreover, this pre-surgery diet will also help prepare the body for the lifestyle changes one will have to follow, in terms of the restricted diet after surgery. Note: The 1000 calorie diet menu mentioned in this article provides for an approximate consumption of 1000 calories in a day.

Hard-boiled eggs with grilled cheese and tomatoes. Always consult a dietitian/nutritionist before starting any restrictive diet. The ingredients for this recipe are half cup beans any type, shredded lettuce 1 cup, low-fat cheddar cheese 1 slice, flour tortilla shells 1 large or 2 small, and rice that will provide 75 calories. At the same time, you can make it nutritious by using whole wheat bread. Besides gaining weight, eating foods in wrong combination can also result in severe indigestion, discomfort, and putrefaction, and the undigested food, being a breeding ground for bacteria can lead to a variety of digestive problems like acidity, constipation, bloating, heartburn, etc. Thus, it is normal for the body to produce uric acid. Salt and pepper - one tablespoon each Sprinkle salt and pepper on the salmon. Our daily diet normally consists of foods having carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, the latter two being responsible for increasing the muscle and body fat. Do make a point to follow this plan consistently, without making any major changes.

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