For starters, it simply happens to be on the other side of the world, and there are times when a Venice or Paris simply gets the better of us. Groupon will give you some awesome restaurant deals, so don't forget to check them out. » Coming back to the money saving options, it would definitely be prudent to cook as many meals as you can, instead of eating out. Australia features on several buckets lists―but most of us never really get around to actually visiting it. These are sites where you can park your trailer, stay within it, or rent available rooms in the park, or even pitch a tent on their camping site. But we stop here, because it isn't Uncle Scrooge's trip to Australia, after all. It would be advisable to treat it like one. To say that Australia is a camper-van-friendly nation is an understatement―you'll find caravan parks all over the country. Your best bet then, would be to do as the Aussies do, since you are in Australia. Whether you can afford it or not is something you need to decide.

Well, if you have the means to go all out on an Australian holiday, just go ahead and splurge. Go stingy on internal travel and sightseeing. » It's easy when you're travelling in the big cities of Melbourne and Sydney, as the public transport system is top-notch. However, buying a slab of 24 cans from any of the supermarkets will surely be cheaper than a bar. Not that you won't find cheap restaurants, but nothing saves more money than cooking yourself, no matter if you're on a holiday or at home. » If you opt for cooking and you should, pick up groceries at any of the chain stores, Woolworth or Cole, and you'll be saving money like you never imagined. » Alcohol, and beer in particular, can be surprisingly expensive here. A third reason may also be that a decent holiday to Australia does not come cheap. Your best bet then, would be to do as the Aussies do, since you are in Australia. Stay for less, eat for lesser. » Forget hotels, even hostels don't come cheap in Australia. Overall, it works out to be a good deal. » Speaking of food, Australian cuisine is a class apart, and you do have to set aside some time to try to local delicacies.